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*Competitions are allowed to run up to one hour early. Competitions will not be held for missing dancers (unless their is a stage conflict). Competitions that begin early will not be held for dancers who are not pre paired to dance an hour before scheduled event.

*Schedule & Age groups are subject to changes & updates

Admission is $10 a day or $15 when purchasing passes for Day 1 & 2 together.

Admission can be pre purchased up through May 4 - Please send payment via VENMO to @theJIGfactory. Note should include last name, quantity of tickets & for which days. All transactions are private.


Results from Solo Events will be posted in the ballroom & updated in reel time here. If you are placed in your solo round, you can collect your award at the award booth. Championship results will be announced on stage.

Day 1, May 7

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Day 2, May 8

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580 North Maple Ave, Ridgewood NJ

Email Preferred: info@ridgewoodirishdance.com

551 206 2595