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February 17 -18, 2023 at the Hyatt Regency Morristown, 3 Speedwell Ave, Morristown, NJ 07960

Camp Rince Nua is a proud sponsor of the Mid-Atlantic Championship


  • Solo dance competitions will have 1 adjudicator.
  • Beginner and Intermediate “Championship Events” will have 1 adjudicator.
  • Novice and Prizewinner “Championship Events” will have 3 adjudicators, each adjudicator will Adjudicator a single round.
  • Prelim and Open Champion “Championship Events” will have 3 adjudicators for each round.


  • Solo dances will be posted in designated award area at least 1 hour after each level is finished. 
  • Championship Events will be announced on main stage.  
  • Dancers must be in full costume & shoes to accept awards on main stage.

Champion of Champions will be a step out danced by 1st place in each Prelim age group and top 3 in each Open Champion age group.  This will be held after the parade of champions at the end of the day. Adjudicators will award the Champion of Champ.

Susan Daly - Stanek Go for the Gold Dance Off - Adjudicators can nominate up to two dancers per age group from Prizewinner - Open Events to participate. Adjudicators do not need choose dancers from each age group. Dancer nominations will not be based on ranking. Adjudicators will be nominating dancers-based competitors giving it their all & being the best dancer they can be. The winner will be selected by adjudicators during a step out dance prior to awards. 


$25 Registration fee per dancer for RTN MEMBER & VISITING CRDM GUESTS $25
$35 Registration fee per dancer for NON RTN MEMBER
Dancers dance the age they are on the day of their competition. Age groups may be combine based on entries to meet minimum number of dancers required for the competition to count towards advancement.
For information on steps/ speeds and competition rules, please visit RTNIrishDance.com
Registration will open on JIGfeis.com No changes/refunds once entries close.
Questions please email: info@ridgewoodirishdance.com
Last Chance Dance is back for ALL beginner, Intermediate, and Novice Solo dances. Last chance dance allows dancers to enter a solo event a second time & re-dance if they do not place first & move up in their solo event. Last Chance dance will take place after primary solo results are posted.
Pre-register for second chance dance may be included with registration at $10 per dance, nonrefundable.
Registration on day of feis will be $20 per dance.
Tir na nOg (non compeitive)     Tir na nOg  
Reel $15   No Second Chance option.  
Light Jig $15      
Beginner     Beginner  
Reel $15   Reel $10
Light Jig $15   Light Jig $10
Slip Jig $15   Slip Jig $10
Single Jig $15   Single Jig $10
Treble Jig (16 bars) $15   Treble Jig (16 bars) $10
Championship Event - Reel & Light Jig $35      
Intermediate     Intermediate  
Reel $15   Reel $10
Light Jig $15   Light Jig $10
Slip Jig $15   Slip Jig $10
Single Jig $15   Single Jig $10
Treble Reel (Rally Reel) $15   Treble Reel (Rally Reel) $10
Treble Jig $15   Treble Jig $10
Hornpipe $15   Hornpipe $10
St. Patrick's Day $15   St. Patrick's Day $10
Championship Event - Reel, Light Jig & Treble Jig $50      
Novice     Novice  
Reel $15   Reel $10
Slip Jig $15   Slip Jig $10
Single Jig $15   Single Jig $10
Treble Reel (Rally Reel) $15   Treble Reel (Rally Reel) $10
Treble Jig $15   Treble Jig $10
Hornpipe $15   Hornpipe $10
Blackbird $15   Blackbird $10
Championship Event: Slip Jig, Treble Jig, Jockey to the Fair  $50      
Prizewinner     Prizewinner  
Reel $15   No Second Chance option.  
Slip Jig $15      
Treble Reel (Rally Reel) $15      
Treble Jig $15      
Hornpipe $15      
Job of Journey Work $15      
Championship Event: Slip Jig, Treble Jig, Three Sea Captains $50      
Preliminary Champion     Preliminary Champion  
Event - Reel, Non-Trad Set $50   No Second Chance options.  
Champion     Champion  
Reel $15   No Second Chance option.  
Slip Jig $15      
Treble Reel (Rally Reel) $15      
Treble Jig $15  
All Dancers in Championship Events will receive an award.

Solo Dance Awards:
5 competitors 3 awards
6-10 competitors 4 awards
Each additional 5 competitors = 1 more award
For over 20 dancers, 25% of the competitors will be awarded
Competitions/ Ages maybe combine to ensure at least 5 competitors in all events
Hornpipe $15  
White Blanket $15  
Champion Event: Reel, Hornpipe or Treble Jig, Non-Trad Set of contrasting tempo $60  
Group Dances, $10 each/dancer    
2 Hand Reel $10  
4 Hand Ceili $10  
8 Hand Ceili $10  
• We reserve the right to begin a competition up to one hour before scheduled time.
• Competitions will not be held open if dancers are not present.
• If dancers have a stage conflict, competition will be held.
• There will be an 8 bar wait in-between solo dances in beginner level only.
• Dancers must have material appropriate for each competition.
• Dancer’s dancing material obviously below or above that competition's level will not receive full marks.
• Preliminary Champion is for any dancer who has not won first place in a grade dance or feis event that includes their non-trad set dance.
• Dancers who stop dancing, except when a dancer falls to the floor, will not receive any marks for that dance/round.
• Dancer may be allowed to dance again at the discretion of the judge however dancer will not receive marks.
• All event ties will be broken by awarding the higher ranking to the person with the highest score in the last round. If there is a tie in the last round, then the previous round's scores will be used.



580 North Maple Ave, Ridgewood NJ

Email Preferred: info@ridgewoodirishdance.com

551 206 2595