2019 World Champions: Innovative Chorography 

Erin Poppe, 2018 World Champion

2019 - 2021 Leinster Regional Champion2020 - 2022 Mid Atlantic Regional Champion2022 National Champion

Ridgewood Irish Dance strives to present the vibrant Irish culture in a progressive environment. We believe atmosphere is everything. Throughout our lives, we return to joyful, positive, & fun experiences. Our goal is to give each student a beautiful cultural experience & live-long love of Irish Dance.

We offer both competitive (the Academy) and non-competitive (theJIGfactory) programs. We accept students 3.5yrs and up. 

Studies show that children participating in musical/dance  activities tend to score higher on IQ (intellectual) and EQ (emotional) tests. There is a strong correlation between music/dance education, and improvement in mathematics and science.

Come join our family oriented studio as we all share in the joy of the Irish culture on stage and off!